Sporstmanship Cup Sunday 17th.

Tomorrow at the Man o War field finals of the Sportmanship cup. 

2:00 pm: Augustus Hill vs Gainesway polo.

3:15 pm  : Lexinton Polo, Hardwick Clothing and Summer Grove farm will play a round robim match for the Subciadiary Final.

4:30 pm Trophy presentation.  

More 8 goal action today!!

Today at 5:00 pm on Mt Brilliant polo field, Mt Brilliant will play Gainesway on their qualifying match. Don't miss this one! Its going to great.

Also, Congratulations to Mt Brilliant, cammanded by the Goodman brothers who defeated Wildwood/Gop Gun by one goal in overtime 9-8, in a very competative and exciting match.

Sunday August 3rd 8 goal polo action!!

Today at 2:00 pm, great 8 goal match on Man O War field. Gainesway polo will battle against Custer Capital, featuring pros, Juan Valerdi 5, Guille Usandizaga 6 and the up coming young star Matt Coppola 3 and of course Luis Ansola well renowned Lexington professional. 

The event will be hosted by The Original Makers Club with their unique event style. 

Come along to enjoy this beautiful day!!


Polo Today at 5 pm on Secretatiat

Today Lexington Polo is hosting the Horse Park 4-6 goal with a visiting team from Memphis Polo Club. The game will feature a round-robin format which will continuo tomorrow Sunday at 2 pm. The field will be indicated at the entrance of the Horse Park. Bring your tail gate party, we look forward to see all of you.

Hardwick polo defeats Augustus Hill in a 7-7 handicap tie breaker for the Johnny Collins Memorial Tournament.

The Johnny Collins family was on hand and enjoyed the match as well as seeing old friends of Johnny to honor his memory.  Hardwick polo defeats Augustus Hill in a 7-7 handicap tie breaker. Abby Jones sponsored and played for her Hardwick polo team. They were victorious in their debut match at the Kentucky Horse Park winning a hard fought match by a .5 goal handicap.